Marc Frouin


30 years of experiences of entrepreneurship and R&D in High Technology and Medical Device. Including component design, electronics, micro-mechanics and complex integrated products. 7 years of experience of as investor including Angel and Venture capital.


Master of  industrial engineering (Arts et Métiers) from Lille(France) and Master of Business from INSEAD in Fontainebleau (France) both with honors. Degrees in computer science from Berkeley in California.

French National bilingual English. Working experience of 4 years in California in Silicon Valley.


Marc has a special focus on early deployment made possible by advanced in micro-electronics and high technology to bring to market innovative solutions.

Marc leads currently the R&D and early market introduction of the pathology specific solutions of Bioserenity. Bioserenity is a French innovative company based in Paris largest hospital developing long term diagnostic and monitoring solutions for critical long term Pathologies in cardio, neuro, uro, maternity and sleep disorder . The solutions are based on second skin textile, flexible electronics, Cloud with IoT, data science and AI software. The company has a special focus on helping with diagnostics and monitoring that required long term measure for rare events like Epilepsy Seizures or cardio Arithmia.

The company has 90 People and has been growing at a 80% a year average rate in the past three years. The business model is based on a French direct presence in Hospitals and a set of world wide licensing and manufacturing deals with large health care providers including med device and pharma partners.

Marc experience also encompass

  • Standardization Experience
  • Standardization with  (ECMA) and (ISO).
  • standardization of Safety standards in Aerospace DO254 and DO 178 C
  • standardization of System Engineering with modeling use cases (UML) with INCOSE.
  • Standardization of  wire less telecom for Bluetooth (several forums)
  • Standardization of software layers with interoperability Autosar standard (Automotive)

Collaborative R&D Experience

Participation or set up of over 20 large collaborative R&D project in Europe and in France. In medical, Textile, Electronics and Software projects.

I was in jury of EU project as experts in 1999 and 2000 and in ANR industrial Jury in 2013 when working for Dassault Systemes

Large company Experience

Working for large Automotive and Peripheral suppliers .

Start up experience

5 start project of which 2 where introduced to NASDAQ and Paris Stock market through IPO’s and others are now integrated inside HP, Dassault Systems, Mentor .